Connecting Capital to Business Opportunity

Our Mission

Ecclesiastes 10:18 says “A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry; but money answers everything.” Everstream Capital’s mission is to connect entrepreneurs to financial sources that enable them to capitalize opportunities or resolve troubles that knock on their door bigger than the money they personally have in the bank. It’s possible that your own bank recently declined your finance request. Our business consultation expertise involves assessing your capacity to seek finance and determining which financial resources fit your financial shape. So long as the entrepreneur demonstrates sufficient capacity, our vast financial solutions can fulfill most requests.

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Who We Serve


Everstream Capital provides business financial consultation services to entrepreneurs in all 50 states in most cases. However, certain real estate transactions may be prohibited in certain states. We will assess an entrepreneur’s capacity for a financial solution and determine if Everstream Capital can provide a service in your state.


Everstream Capital can provide business financial consultation services for certain types of international opportunities. The opportunities must be in Europe, Canada, Mexico, and The Caribbean. The projects must be larger real estate projects or middle market businesses seeking finance of $5million or greater. The entrepreneur must present at least 3 years of corporate tax returns, previous year financials, current financials, 3 months business bank statements, and have at least 30% in cash liquidity of the finance amount they seek. It’s possible that the entrepreneur will have to engage in a capital raise with some of our finance sources. Therefore, the cash liquidity must be sufficient to pay for all the expenses required by the due diligence involved in a capital raise process.