About Us


Who is Everstream Capital, LLC

Everstream Capital is a business consulting firm that specializes in connecting capital to business opportunity. Capital is to business what blood is to the body. Without capital, a business will neither grow nor survive. Our various lending sources provide finance solutions for new business startups or well-established businesses. If you’re a business owner with a burning passion to grow, Everstream Capital is here for you!

Our Team of Experts

Joe A. Landin Jr.

Business Consultant/Owner

Joe Landin graduated from Texas Tech University in 1989. Joe worked thirteen years in the railroad industry as a switchman, brakeman, and locomotive engineer. In 2002, Joe switched career tracks to financial services where he gained valuable experience as a bank lender and financial advisor. After fourteen highly successful years in the corporate world, in 2017 Joe switched career tracks again becoming an entrepreneur specializing in connecting capital to business opportunity. He is married with four children.


If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, dynamic internal drive, and a desire to make all the money you can, email us your resume. We definitely want to hear from you!

Contact Us


Corporate email: EverstreamCapital@gmail.com

Jose A. Landin Jr.
President/Founder: joe@everstreamcapital.net

Lori A. Landin
Executive Vice-President
Administration Officer: Lori@everstreamcapital.net


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New Braunfels, Texas 78130