Business Lending Solutions

Capital is to business what blood is to the human body. Capital is EVERYTHING for business expansion and survival. Everstream Capital offers many business lending solutions to provide money to business owners with various needs.

Equipment Lending

Everstream Capital offers various equipment lending solutions offered by banks, alternative lenders, and SBA. We have solutions for both the credit strong and credit impaired. Our lenders provide finance solutions for almost any kind of equipment new or used in any business sector. Inside our specialty lending programs, we have specialized lenders for:

  • Heavy construction/excavation equipment
  • Industrial/Manufacturing equipment
  • Oil/Gas/Energy equipment
  • Dental/Medical equipment
  • Printing equipment
  • Commercial software

Business Term Loans

Everstream Capital can help business owners find uncollateralized terms loans for business operations, purchases, expansion opportunity, or refinance purposes. Loans vary between 6 months to 5 years. Rates between 7.99% or greater. Credit scores generally must be at least 650 or greater.

Business Lines of Credit

This financial solution is something EVERY business owner should strive to obtain. The business line of credit can help you capitalize on opportunities or provide emergency capital when opportunities or emergencies appear in sizes larger than your own cash savings. To potentially qualify for the BLOC, credit scores must be at least 600, no credit impairment issues like judgments, tax liens, repossessions, charge-offs, slow pays, or bankruptcies. Business owners must be in business at least 1 year for our programs.

Personal Credit Cards for Business Startups

For most lenders, a new business startup is defined as any business less than two years old. New business startups have the most difficulty obtaining lines of credit. Everstream Capital partners with a specialty credit company that can help new business owners obtain personal credit cards without severely impacting their credit scores with multiple inquiries.

Working Capital Loans

If you’re a new business startup or a business owner with credit impaired issues, the working capital loan programs can provide your business the money it needs. The program is ideal for borrowers with credit scores less than 600 FICO. New businesses startups less than 1 years old. Businesses with frequent daily or weekly merchant services, cash, or check deposits. Restaurant businesses are great example of this kind of deposit frequency. Loan terms vary between 3months to 18 months. Repayment plans are either daily or weekly. The lender normally doesn’t charge a rate but a factor based on the risk to the lender. Business owners in need of working capital, but un-lendable to a bank are ideal for this program.

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