Everstream Capital Is NOT A Lender?

Correct. Everstream Capital is a business consulting firm specializing in business financial matters. We do NOT lend money to businesses. Everstream Capital provides consultation for entrepreneurs on cash management practices, finance eligibility requirements, and project presentation so they can capitalize on serious business opportunities or resolve serious business trouble with solutions offered by our various finance sources.

How Does Everstream Capital Receive Compensation for Its Business Consultation Services?

The initial engagement fee is required payment to commence business consultation services. Upon successful offer of a solution and acceptance by the entrepreneur, Everstream Capital will assess a percentage fee based on the size of the finance solution. Everstream Capital does not work on a contingency basis. Everstream Capital will not accept offers for equity positions, percentages of profit, or barter to provide consultation services on a contingency basis.

The initial engagement fee is determined by size of the finance request, inherent difficulty of the case, and scope of work. The business consultation agreement will specify all terms for services, fees for service, payment instructions, scope of work, and service period.

What is Capacity?

Before allowing a business to sign our consultation agreement and pay the initial engagement fee, Everstream Capital first conducts a review to determine if the business demonstrates sufficient capacity to transact with our various
finance sources. Everstream Capital defines capacity as “What strength does an entrepreneur possess to utilize someone else’s financial resources?”

Capacity strengths that Everstream Capital looks for are:

1. Cash strength: entrepreneurs must have sufficient liquidity strength to purchase their financial solutions and meet all cash injection requirements. In other words, a business must have sufficient money to buy someone else’s money. In most real estate deals, 20% or more of the finance amount is a minimum requirement with Everstream Capital before presenting your case to our finance resources.

2. Competence: entrepreneurs must demonstrate verifiable experience and expertise sufficient to convince our various finance sources that the entrepreneur can execute competently with other people’s money.

3. Cash Flow: entrepreneurs must demonstrate income strength, current and/or projected to meet debt service coverage ratios if required by our various finance sources.

4. Collateral: entrepreneurs may be required to provide hard asset security such as residential/commercial property, non-homestead land or lots, account receivables, purchase orders, licensing, and furniture-fixtures-equipment sufficient to provide additional security to our various finance sources. Primary residences do not qualify as proper collateral.

5. Character: entrepreneurs must have character that our various finance sources can trust. Each finance source has differing criteria that they use to judge character.

One of the most reliable metrics is a credit score. Everstream Capital does not pull credit. It is recommended that entrepreneurs hiring Everstream Capital have at least a 600 FICO with with all major credit reporting bureaus. Credit impairment issues such as: bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions, delinquencies on mortgage payments, credit card charge-offs, tax liens, and judgments can seriously hamper a business from obtaining a finance solution. At times, our finance sources can work around these issues, but it seriously affects rates and terms.

Everstream Capital’s various finance sources require qualification in either all five capacity criteria or a portion of these criteria. When an entrepreneur is unable to demonstrate sufficient CAPACITY that’s when obtaining a business finance solution is not reasonably achievable.

How Does Everstream Capital Evaluate an Entrepreneur's Capacity?

Everstream Capital business consultation includes conducting an assessment (free of charge) to determine if the entrepreneur demonstrates the capacity to even transact with our various finance sources. That’s accomplished by reviewing:

1. personal financial statements,
2. Resume/executive summary,
3. business plans/projections, budgets
4. 3 years of business and/or personal tax returns,
5. End of Year balance sheet and profit & loss statements
6. Year-To-Date balance sheet and profit & loss statements
7. Trailing Twelve Months Profit & Loss statement
8. Business debt schedules, account receivable aging reports, 3 months of business bank statements, real estate asset collateral list demonstrating property description, location, and past/current values Rent roll and/or rental operating income statement

Once the entrepreneur demonstrates CAPACITY, Everstream Capital will send the entrepreneur a business consultation agreement specifying the terms for services, fees for services, business consultation scope of work, payment instructions, and service period.

What Guarantee Does Everstream Capital Offer a Consultation Client?

What determines a successful outcome is an entrepreneur’s CAPACITY as stated in the previous question. Before we allow any entrepreneur to sign our business consultation agreement and pay the initial engagement fee, we have to assess that there’s enough demonstrated CAPACITY to have a reasonable possibility of obtaining a solution with our various finance sources.

It’s imperative for entrepreneurs to understand that success IS NOT determined by Everstream Capital’s performance. The performance burden is squarely on the entrepreneur to demonstrate sufficient CAPACITY capable of transacting with our various finance sources.

What Kind of Finance Solution Can Everstream Capital Provide Me?

Since Everstream Capital is NOT a lender, we do not structure or finance the solution. Everstream Capital provides consultation on capacity eligibility requirements, navigating the diverse finance resources network, finance request presentation, business plan evaluation, cash management and business practice review. Our various finance sources practice diverse types of risk-based pricing. The less risk of a default the more likelihood of receiving favorable solution terms.

The truth is that every entrepreneur sets their own solution terms based on the strength of their overall CAPACITY.

Who Is a Fit For Everstream Capital?

Everstream Capital has serious access to finance solutions only for those entrepreneurs who are serious about wanting it. Here’s a quick self-check to determine if you should contact us:

1. You’ve determined you have no ability or knowledge to find a business finance solution without professional help.

2. You’ve tried finding a business finance solution and so far, you’ve failed to obtain one and you sense that the consequences of that failure are accumulating adversely against your company.

3. You’ve determined you need a finance solution but have decided you you don’t have the time required to hunt for it.

Navigating the process of obtaining business finance solutions is NOT easy. Unless you competently understand the entire eligibility and presentation process, you will experience needless credit pulls, declines, or expenditure of time. Everstream Capital was created to help only those entrepreneurs who’ve decided that the cost of consequence is far greater than cost of finance. If that’s you, allow Everstream Capital to be the ship that navigates your financial request to the solution required to capitalize on your opportunity or resolve your trouble.