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  • Church and Other Worship Centers
  • Franchise Brand Lending
  • Hotel/Motel Lending
  • Maritime Lending
  • SBA 7a & 504 Lending
  • Account Receivable Lending
  • Life Insurance for Business
  • Trucking & Logistics Industry
  • Trucking & Logistics Lending

Speciality Business Lending Solutions

Banks and credit unions offer wonderful lending solutions with flexible terms and affordable rates. Yet there are many business endeavors that these institutions will either not lend too or will do so in a very limited manner. If you’re a borrower that’s been declined or a banker receiving a loan request outside your bank product line, Everstream Capital is here to help.

Church and Other Worship Center Lending Solutions

Faith based lending is a unique lending transaction done by many banks but with limited appetite for faith-based loans. That’s ok. Everstream Capital now works with banks and alternative lending partners that specialize in faith- based lending to all religious groups. Lending programs are available for new construction, refinance, renovation, and building expansion.

Franchise Brand Lending Solutions

Everstream Capital is excited about this lending solution. New business startup loans are the hardest types of loans to obtain for borrowers. SBA Loans, usually structured with variable rates, are not the easiest to refinance once issued. Everstream Capital partners with specialty lending group offering new business startup loans for businesses with SBA approved franchise brands. This partner will either lend the funds directly or will use SBA. This partner can also refinance an SBA loan from variable to fixed terms with their own funds.

Hotel/Motel Lending Solutions

Too many banks and credit unions have NO appetite for lending into the hospitality industry. A hospitality loan request is one of the hardest loans to obtain with bank. Everstream Capital partners with the few banks and alternative lenders that are still eager to lend to the hospitality industry. Hospitality loans are available for both flagged and unflagged brands. Finance available for refinance, acquisition, renovation, and new construction.

Maritime Lending Solutions

There are very few lenders in this space. Yet the demand for new ships and shipping equipment is increasing due to the global economy recovering. Everstream Capital offers access to bank and alternative lenders offering various lending solutions for Jones Act and non-Jones act maritime vessels, or port facility projects.

SBA 7a & 504 Lending Solutions

SBA Lending is powerful in driving entrepreneurial growth to our economy. Many thriving businesses owe their existence to the SBA. Everstream Capital works with many banks and specialty SBA lending partners to provide capital for new business startup, equipment purchases, commercial real estate purchases or new construction, or working capital for business operation or expansion needs.

Trucking & Logistics Industry Lending Solutions

Everstream Capital works with various bank and alternative lenders to provide finance to both CDL and investors. Our lenders provide new purchase, refinance, and equipment lending solutions. We have specialty programs for tow trucks, boom trucks, semi-trucks, and various trailers

Account Receiveable Lending

Does your business do commercial invoicing? Are your account receivables aging 90 days or less? Are banks declining you for lines of credit because you’re considered a new startup business? Are factoring companies declining your account receivables because you’re a general or sub-contractor? Is your bank declining your loan requests because your business is in the oil/gas or other energy related sector? Everstream Capital works with a diversity of A/R finance companies that connect capital to businesses in all economic sectors.

General Business Services

Everstream Capital exists to connect capital to business opportunity. However, we also know life brings risks as well as opportunity. We offer powerful insurance and tax solutions that can create value for your money while protection your money against the consequences of death, disability, or taxation.

Life Insurance Solutions for Business

Too many entrepreneurs engage in business without ever thinking about the financial consequences of untimely death, untimely disability, or taxation. Everstream Capital provides powerful life insurance solutions that mitigate the financial impacts of these three financial threats. Everstream Capital helps entrepreneurs design financial incentives using life insurance for employee retention. We also help entrepreneurs use life insurance for business succession planning. Contact Business Consultant Joe Landin to help you with your business life insurance needs.

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